We are a family

Our mission is

to provide girls with reusable menstrual products. We aim to challenge existing value chains to provide more relief to people in need by challenging traditional solutions to the needs of the world’s poorest as well as common perceptions as to how aid and relief efforts are to be delivered.

Story behind Real Relief

About 500 million women and girls struggle to access menstrual products or safe, private, hygienic spaces in which to use them. Lack of affordability or accessibility, along with the stigma associated with menstruation in many societies, has wide-ranging negative effects for women and girls, severely limiting their participation in public life. Being a textile company with more than 20 years of experience within Aid & Relief work hereunder bringing innovative solutions to Ministries, UN organizations as well as NGOs, we believed our contribution of bringing an intelligent reusable pad to the market would make a difference for many around the world.

Our Values

We aim to channel our expertise, experience, know-how, trustworthiness, and commitment to continue to fight inequality andsocial injustice by means of our life improving relief items in our quest to make the world a better more sustainable place to live in for ALL. We do not only aim to improve and save the lives of as many as possible, but we also endeavor to protect and save the environment while we are at it. Our environmental friendliness is at the core of all our efforts, be it, design-wise, production-wise and distribution-wise.

  • Danish Design Award

  • MHM India Summit 2023

  • Women leader Awards